About Us

About Us

Tr3fecta Media is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in crafting inclusive, community-focused campaigns. 

Tr3fecta Media’s focus is centered on developing and marketing a sense of urgency to a broader and more diverse audience than you ever have before to build a new and engaged audience base. We provide public relations and marketing for change makers and problem solvers who are transforming how we engage in the world through philanthropy, biotechnology, healthcare, politics, and renewable energy sources. 

Tr3fecta Media is led by April Avant who brings decades of experience in crafting winning strategies, especially in low and moderate-income communities. 

Organizationally, diversity and inclusion are top priorities. We believe this makes us better able to understand and serve diverse and marginalized communities, which is what we strive to do every single day. Our team is comprised of 100% individuals with racially, ethnically, and socio-economically diverse backgrounds. We are a proud black-owned and women-led small business. 



Communication is how many organizations meet their audiences where they are, but often poses a challenge to non-profits that may not have the resources or infrastructure to manage and respond in a rapidly changing and fast paced environment. Our work partnering with organizations gives senior leadership teams the time and space to stay connected to their mission, while we implement strategies and processes that best equip their internal teams to bring their mission statements to life in action. We provide the information and tools organizations need to meet every moment in the most inspired way possible.

Biotechnology + Healthcare

We are proud to partner with companies who create new life-saving therapies for the masses in an age of historic inequity in medicine. We believe companies advancing medicine that aren’t withholding their product from the public for profit are the ones that deserve to profit the most. Tr3fecta can make that happen for you.

Scholarly articles and publications serve their purpose, but the general public cannot absorb that information as is – nor should they be expected to. That mismatch in communication is something that cannot be ignored in the COVID-19 era where the public demands to know more about medicine than ever before. On top of that, it puts your bottom line at stake.

An investment in marketing is an investment to your company’s mission to promote health and wellness accessibility to the broader public. Tr3fecta Media supports biotech and healthcare companies’ efforts to reach and engage their audiences with a human touch that is grounded in down-to-earth messaging. As we have seen during the pandemic, health and medicine are technical and intimidating yet emotional and viscerally frightening subjects for many. Let Tr3fecta Media bring a compassionate touch that will create a safe space that allows your audience to fully absorb your message and take the next step with you.


Politics has a reputation for being sleazy and dishonest. The Tr3fecta Team, many of whom come from the political realm, doesn’t think that is always the case. However, we can say with authority that contemporary political messaging is desperately out-of-touch with its target audiences.

Most political messaging is not accessible to its audience in any way, shape, or form: getting too far into the weeds does not work when the average American reads at a fourth-grade reading level. The self-congratulatory approach doesn’t work as well as it used to: people have more access to information than at any point in human history and the general electorate is worse-off than it has been in decades. Negativity and division can and do work, but the general public’s tolerance for it is depleted in 2022.

People can’t take any of it anymore and they’re tuning out. Tr3fecta can help you forge a new path from the tacky and out-of-touch status quo of political messaging.

Candidates and political organizations who can accurately take temperature and make a sincere effort to genuinely connect and empathize with voters have a better shot of gaining heartfelt support – the kind that spurs people into action, goes viral, puts up big fundraising numbers, and makes national news.

Renewable Energy and Environment

Tr3fecta Media is always looking towards the future, and the future is renewable. Protecting our environment requires bold, forward thinking action, and it requires it now. We are ready to help you take that action. Partnering with companies that are working to create a sustainable future is one way that Tr3fecta is able to ensure our future is a brighter one.

Energy consumption has become second nature in today’s world. We don’t think before turning on a light switch or driving our car because we have to do these things. Tr3fecta can help you change the story and show people how their every day actions can make a difference. How companies like yours are working to create a world where our daily lives sustain rather than drain.


Our Process

Here’s what you can expect working with us. As huge believers in the power of collaboration and transparency, we prioritize fluid communications: communication from everywhere from everyone using every available means of communication. No person or piece of information gets left behind.

At the beginning of this project, you will receive access to our desktop and mobile client hub with built-in secure (SOC III, GDPR, and PSD2) messaging, digital signatures, document collaboration, video meetings, screen sharing, virtual data rooms, and project management. We believe this approach allows us to truly collaborate and maintain accountability as we partner to enhance your communications and marketing efforts.


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