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Georgia Voter Storytelling Campaign

There is a significant gap between the stories being told about voting rights in Georgia and the awareness it deserves. We connected and collected stories from voters in Georgia to uplift across social media, earned media, advocacy work, lawsuits, and legislation.

The voter stories collected are housed in a secure and password protected online repository that includes a one-page write-up, video transcripts, photos, and videos of each voter. The intention was to create content that would be easily accessible to ProGeorgia and its partners as they continue their advocacy work; pursue legislative and legal action; and develop a more intentional media and social media narrative.

ProGeorgia sought to answer the question, “How does a voter’s experience inform their understanding about their voting rights in Georgia? ProGeorgia collected 20+ interviews from voters of various demographics that tell their stories about registering to vote, how legislation impacts them, and their overall voting experiences.

The end result was a powerful, moving, and insightful reflection of the current state of affairs in Georgia.

Project Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Category: Video, Motion

Author: April Avant/Hamza Sait/Samantha Del Vecchio

Year: 2021

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