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Paid Digital Advertising

Paid digital advertising is no longer a “rising” acquisition channel. It is a critical part of any organization’s acquisition effort. Paid advertising campaigns enable you to drive awareness and engagement through targeted campaigns that seek to capture followers, email addresses, and/or shares that further the message reach and improve the bottom line.

Social Media Content Development and Generation

A strategy is only as good as the actions taken to fully realize its potential. Regardless of the strategic approach taken, your clients will need content to reach and inform your audience members. We develop monthly editorial calendars that support your efforts to reach client goals in a thoughtful and compelling manner. Monthly content plans include copy and graphics that create a narrative around work and brand in an approachable and engaging way.

Web Development

Upgrade your current website or build a new one with the latest tech. From classic platforms like WordPress to modern Full-Stack React websites we know how to boost everything from security to SEO. Our team of experts provide every client with the tips they need to present their mission effectively to a digital audience. We make sure our clients are well equipped with the latest tools to make their web presence stand out. The center of all of our web development strategies include maintaining an organization’s mission and capturing the right audience. 

Email Advocacy and Fundraising

Email remains one of the best ways to initiate and maintain contact with members and potential members. Well-designed, relevant emails earn brands a treasured spot in thousands of inboxes. We create and write engaging content from scratch to educate and engage target audiences.

Traditional Media

Op-eds, press releases, interviews remain essential pieces of any organization’s growth and visibility. Tr3fecta can support you in building a press strategy that helps connect you with reporters, place op-eds, develop talking points, and navigate interviews.

Data Management

Take advantage of your most valuable asset. In the modern era, every company is a data company. Generating, organizing, storing, and analyzing your own data is an integral process of any competitive business. Here at Tr3fecta, we custom engineer data in an organized and easy-to-read format so you can focus on taking action while we collect insights. We maintain accurate data collection and generation to create high-quality reports using various effective methods, so that the data-driven analysis we provide help you make smarter decisions. Let us worry about the numbers! 

Communications Strategy

Our team combines traditional media and social media to create an effective communication strategy that captures the community and stakeholders’ interests. We conduct collaborative brainstorming sessions to come up with timely themes that encompass your mission. These themes inform op-eds, emails, and social media content we produce to help meet your goals, whether that’s raising funds or raising awareness on an important issue. The themes also allow us to have consistent messaging regardless of the platform. We work hard to put your mission and goals first in every communication strategy we develop

Disinformation Analysis and Research

When the basic facts of reality are up for public debate, it is more important than ever to understand what the other side is saying and thinking. Our team are experts in following disinformation campaigns and narratives and can help prepare you for a new America of two different information ecosystems. We scour media outlets that peddle disinformation to understand their methods and tactics, while also fact-checking and analyzing using research from reputable organizations in order to uncover the lies and ignorance.

Team Training

Need a refresher? Unsure how to incorporate digital organizing strategies and tactics? Use our training modules to refresh your skills or hone in on successful outcomes that you can apply to your own existing skills.

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